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Knowledge Hub eresource Academy promises guaranteed career opportunities
There are many IT professionals who wanted to become ERP professionals because it is a very popular field and there will always be vacancies in various companies across the globe for ERP related jobs. But it is ironic that there are hardly few good institutions that provide quality ERP training. .... READ MORE

Explore the right path to a promising professional career
Demand for ERP professionals are increasing day by day. The growth in ERP implementations in Indian industrial sector has created job opportunities for professionals opting for a career in ERP Package implementation and maintenance. .... READ MORE

Inadequate training in ERP can lead to system failure
eresource Academy's training on ERP training is important as the system itself and all users of the ERP system should be trained properly in using the system to its fullest. ERP training to all employees of a company will not be the same. Training requirement and options may vary with different groups of people in the company. .... READ MORE

Employees must get proper ERP training
For the successful operations of an ERP system it is very important that the employees who use the system must be trained properly. Training should not be confined only the initiall training but there is a need for continuous training programs and refresher courses for the ERP success. .... READ MORE

Allay the fear of losing jobs; get trained in ERP
ERP training is very important not only to improve the business process, but also it helps eliminating any fear that the employees may have due to the changing work environment. What everyone must realize is that change is happening faster that most people care to think about. .... READ MORE

Broader and integrative ERP training
eresource Academy's training on ERP system is consists of training on various functional modules like Financials, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Human Resource Management, etc, besides other technical courses. .... READ MORE

Selection of right ERP holds key to success
How to select the ERP brand perhaps become difficult today. Most of the time budget was the main criteria for elimination round and then companies used to see the live customer list of ERP vendor. We can very well say that the ERP buying decision is like any other procurement decision.

Benefits of ERP in manufacturing industry
Initially Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution was developed for the big organizations. It has also involved huge investment which was out of reach of small and medium sized industries (SMEs). However considering the benefits the ERP solutions have, the smaller organizations also explored the way to implemented it.

ERP within reach of any midsize company
For mid-sized enterprises, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system promises big gains, helping to grow revenue, increase productivity companywide, improve efficiency throughout the enterprise and manage costs.

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