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Welcome to eresource Academy
training dateWelcome to eresource Academy, the next wave in ERP learning. eresource Academy is a knowledge hub that promotes ERP related learning, knowledge sharing and capability development across different industry. We offer an integrated curriculum of leading edge courses across different Industry solution and ERP implementation methodology

ASET Program
Why eresource Academy

While organizations spend whopping amounts on ERP software and its implementation, training of employees who are assigned to run the system is getting neglected or not provided adequately. This act amounts to improper handling of the ERP system which ultimately results in sub-optimal performance of the system or in some cases failed implementations.

Demands for trained ERP professionals are growing day by day and the market is not able to meet the demand due to shortage of sufficient trained professionals. Looking at this grave situation eresource introduced a training method that could meet the demand for trained ERP professionals from Indian and overseas ERP market.

eresource academy has developed program dedicated to training users in every aspect of the Integrated ERP software system. Its exclusive two-day basic ERP training course gives an opportunity to the users of ERP systems and other IT professionals to get acquainted with ERP software. This course caters to the vocational needs of the students and is concurrent with the software engineering and technology syllabus covered by the major universities.

Training Curriculum
eresource Academy training is a structured and integrated program which covers the core ERP process and practices in a specific, well-defined framework. Our training roadmap provides a suggested role based pathway so that you can get the most out of our training program.

Course Summary
eresource Academy courses are based on the latest industry practices and developed and facilitated by highly respected and experienced trainers. Following are the details of courses we offer now:

ERP Defination, Origin
Principal of ERP
eresource Sales & Distribution Management
eresource Accounts & Finance Management
eresource Logistics and Supply Chain Management
eresource Inventory and Material Management
eresource Project Management
eresource Human Resource management
ERP Implementation Methodology
Industry Specific ERP Training Program

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